Alchemy Pay (ACH) Price Remains Ultra Bullish, Surging Over 98% in a Day

Alchemy Pay (ACH) Price Remains Ultra Bullish, Surging Over 98% in a Day

It bears mentioning that the cryptocurrency market continues to rally today, with one of the best performing digital assets, Alchemic Pay (ACH), surging well over 98% in 24 hours. This is yet another occurrence of a major price gain for the coin after it has bounced higher. This is the third major uptick for ACH price following its all-time high prices on July 7th and July 10th. Market analysts claim that this may be a sign that ACH is currently in a bull trend, as the coin’s price remains extremely resilient.

We have already shared our cryptocurrency analysis with you, and our short term outlook remains extremely bullish on the alchemies price. Furthermore, we are in the process of updating our Bitcoin price prediction for the end of 2018.

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Alchemy Pay (ACH) Price Remains Ultra Bullish, Surging Over 98% in a Day News about altcoins

  • In a single day, the price of Alchemy Pay (ACH) rose by almost 98 percent.
  • ACH is a blockchain-based initiative that continues to be very optimistic.

The price of Alchemy Pay (ACH) surged by over 98 percent in a single day and remains very positive. 

Alchemy Pay is a project based on the blockchain. This initiative was created by a group of seasoned payments experts in the conventional financial sector to address the inefficiencies of the traditional payment environment. This increases the risk of fraud and human mistake throughout the reconciliation and settlement stages, as well as creating a clogged payment solution. 

The ACH is now trading at $0.0215 with a 24-hour trading volume of $210,092,381, according to CoinMarketCap.

The rising wedge pattern, which is a bearish pattern that begins broad at the bottom and contracts as prices rise and the trading range narrows, can be seen in the chart above. Furthermore, a rising wedge pattern is one of the most difficult to identify and trade.

A Brief Overview of Alchemy (ACH)

Alchemy is a business-focused, all-in-one fiat-to-crypto payment platform that can be integrated into any current mainstream platform. Payments via fiat mobile wallets, cryptos, and credit cards may be accepted online, offline, or in-app. Smart contracts are used in the hybrid platform to automate reconciliation and settlement processes, reducing human error and eliminating fraud. 

Even more so, thanks to strategic partnerships with industry giants like as Shopify, Arcadier, and QFPay Alchemy. It has almost 2 million merchants on board and has implemented its technology across 3,000 touchpoints, including well-known brands.

Overall, with the next improvements and enhancements, ACH will be able to boost its price higher and to new heights. 

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