Archax Partners with Scila while Republic Acquires Seedrs – Digital Securities Weekly

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Archax Partners with Scila while Republic Acquires Seedrs – Digital Securities Weekly


Seedrs is acquired by Republic.

Republic and Seedrs had collaborated for years, and in May of 2021, their connection became an official alliance. With the end of the year approaching, the two have formally confirmed Republic’s acquisition of Seedrs.

The acquisition’s purpose is to develop a genuinely global product. The firms notably emphasize the possibility for greater ‘cross-Atlantic’ prospects now that Republic is established in North America and Seedrs is established in the United Kingdom.

While the two companies’ first strategy is to operate independently, this relationship is noteworthy since Republic’s CEO recently said that the business aims to build a digital securities market. Given that Seedrs is now part of the Republic family, it’s logical to expect that, if developed, it would offer/integrate similar services.

“Republic began with the purpose of making private investments accessible to everybody,” says Republic CEO Kendrick Nguyen. To attain cross-border engagement, we understood we needed to expand internationally. We loved Seedrs’ technology skills, team strength, and strong presence in the UK and soon Europe while working with them. We believe that by combining the capabilities of both organizations in retail, secondary markets, cryptocurrency, and communities, we will be able to build a clear industry leader. We look forward to collaborating to determine the industry’s future at this vital juncture of development and innovation.”

Scila + Archax

Digital securities are just that: investments. This implies they must be handled in a regulatory-compliant way, with proper AML/KYC measures in place. Scila has teamed with Archax, a soon-to-be-launched digital securities market.

Scila will offer a number of services centered on AML/KYC compliance as part of this cooperation. It claims that it can provide the following capabilities, among others, via the application of “advanced machine learning.”

  • Reports and alert rules
  • Functionality for searching and replaying
  • Analytical trading

“Regulatory convergence between the digital and conventional worlds has been uncompromising in its evolution,” said Archax CEO Graham Rodford, “and Archax thinks that this will be a trend that continues to materialize.” Scila’s vision for the future of compliance in the digital asset business is precisely matched with Archax’s. Archax will not only stay compliant with the many financial authorities with which it interacts as a result of this relationship, but it will also lead the ecosystem with innovative and advanced regulatory controls for both transaction reporting and market monitoring. Archax will be able to provide its clients with a degree of monitoring and security in digital asset engagement that has never been seen before.”

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The “moonwhale coin” is a cryptocurrency that was created by the team at Archax. The Scila company has recently partnered with them while Republic Acquires Seedrs – Digital Securities Weekly.

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