Smartbch Developer Explains Project’s Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild – Technology Bitcoin News

Smartbch Developer Explains Project’s Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild – Technology Bitcoin News

Smartbch Developer Explains Project’s Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild – Technology Bitcoin News

In the first week of April, News reported on the split of the Smart Bitcoin Cash (Smartbch) project, with the community very excited about this new project. Smartbch aims to combine the Ethereum EVM and Web3 APIs with a smart sidechain built on top of the Bitcoin Cash network. The seventh. April 2021 Smartbch’s lead developer Wang Kui was interviewed by Satoshi’s Angels co-founder Cindy Wang and talked about the many benefits Smartbch will bring to crypto-currencies.

Smartbh: Maximum GST with Bitcoin Cash

There are many reasons why people are optimistic about Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as this digital asset has processed more transactions per day than BTC since February. In addition, supporters such as Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom spread the word about the many benefits of BCH to the world. Dotcom plans to use BCH for his content monetization application. In addition, BCH supporters were excited about Anyhedge’s decentralized finance project (Defi) and Detoken’s lien-free platform.

Smartbch Developer Explains Project’s Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild – Technology Bitcoin News

But a recent announcement has BCH fans talking about a sidechain that connects to Ethereum at a very low price because it uses the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (BCH). The Smart Bitcoin Cash, or Smartbch, project is a single Ethereum and Web3-enabled sidechain that aims to throughput up to one billion gases every 15 seconds. This week, Wang Kui, chief engineer of the project, discussed the Smartbch project with Cindy Wang, co-founder of Satoshi Angels, educator and author who studies cryptography.

Smartbch Developer Explains Project’s Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild – Technology Bitcoin News

Wang Kui says the Smartbch project emerged organically and has been working on methods to maximize TPS (transactions per second) since mid-2018. In the second half of 2020, Wang Kui said he had found a way to maximize TPS. After discussing the solution with his colleagues, they decided to make the results of his research available by launching Smartbch. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was chosen because of its blockchain capabilities and its alignment with Satoshi’s vision for the network.

The main reason for choosing [Bitcoin Cash] is that it is represented by large blocks, Wang Kui said. Based on my professional training and experience, I believe that optimization measures should be taken to fully utilize the computer system itself. In English we call this brute force. But Ethereum prefers subtle ways, such as sharding, layer 2. I’m a big supporter of [Bitcoin Cash], and I think it’s more in line with Satoshi’s original vision of serving as many people as possible, the developer noted.

Decentralization : One of the main advantages of Bitcoin Cash

There are rumors that Jihan Wu of Bitmain had something to do with the project, but Wang Kui emphasized that Smartbch is more of a collaborative project.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can be said to be owned by CZ or Binance. But you can’t say Smartbch is from Jihan Wu or Matrix Exporter, Wang Kui told co-founder Satoshi Angels. Ultimately, I want Smartbch to be a project for the entire BCH community. Right now it’s still very small, and a lot of the technical decisions depend on my own choices. This makes sense since Linus Torvalds made decisions in the early days of Linux.

Software developer Josh Ellithorpe shows how Smartbch can connect with Metamask on the social media platform

Smartbch Developer Explains Project’s Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild – Technology Bitcoin News

Cindy Wang also asked Wang Kui about the benefits of implementing decentralized financing projects and non-distortive tokenized asset solutions (NFT) with Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

There are two major advantages [to using bitcoin cash], Wang Kui noted. The first is that [Bitcoin Cash] is completely decentralized. Those who believe in decentralization certainly don’t want their NMT work to be closely tied to certain companies. The other is the high GST. Smartbh is not just another fork of Ethereum like Heco and BSC. In the beginning, they offer cheap rates, but as transactions or token prices rise, they will eventually have high rates, like Ethereum, Wang Kui added.

The lead developer of Smartbch went on to say:

That’s not what’s going to happen with Smartbatch. As traffic increases, we will use brute force optimization programs to get high transactions but low commissions. Ethereum, for example, is trying to address high gasoline costs in subtle ways. B. by splinters and rollers. But I think one channel could offer high performance with better usability, interoperability and ease of use.

Angels co-founder Satoshi also asked the Smartbch developers if the team felt any pressure from the BCH community’s expectations about the project. Wang Kui didn’t say much, but he and the Smartbch team aren’t worried about my personal fame. It’s more about the fact that we’ve had a lot of help from the community and we don’t want to disappoint them, the developer concluded.

After the launch of the project, users could run a private test node. In addition, software developer Josh Ellithorpe showed the BCH community how he connected Smartbch to the popular Metamask wallet. Many BCH supporters see great potential in the smartbch project, and it has recently become a trending topic in the BCH community. News readers interested in a full interview with smartbch developer Wang Kui and Satoshi Angels co-founder Cindy Wang can read the conversation here on the BCH-based blog portal Cindy Wang’s interview with Wang Kui received $1,081 in bitcoin cash (BCH) tips on the platform after the article was published.

What do you think about the Smart Bitcoin Cash (Smartbch) project? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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