Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

Kin Coin is a cryptocurrency created by the team at Kik. It’s similar to Ethereum but has its own blockchain and token system with features like incentivized chatbot payments, secure transactions, and an ecosystem of apps. This guide will give you all the information you need to buy Kin Coin in Canada.

The how to buy kin coin 2021 is a question that has been asked by many people. This article will give you the full beginners guide on where to buy Kin Coin, with pictures and everything.

In this post, I’ll discuss KIN Coin, a prominent cryptocurrency project that arose in early/mid-2016, its history, characteristics, and where to purchase Kin coin. 


What exactly is Kin coin?

Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

The Kin coin is a social network and messaging currency token created and controlled by Kik Interactive Inc., a billion-dollar software firm headquartered in Canada. It is based on blockchain technology and serves as a means of transferring value between users.

The kin coin is featured on CoinMarketCap (CMC), the most widely used cryptocurrency market capitalization site. Kin is utilized as money inside a digital ecosystem of consumer apps and services, according to coinmarketcap.com. Kin coins are distributed via an incentive mechanism known as the Kin Pays Engine, or “KRE,” which rewards developers that build engaging Kin user experiences based on their interactions. 

It presently has a market value of USD 3,322,405 and a 24-hour trading volume of USD 225,958. It has a total supply of 10 trillion Kin coins, of which 1,214,839,705,290 are in circulation. Its current price is USD 0.000003 per Kin currency, and it has been resistant to downtrends for some time. 

Kin was created to help people become more involved in digital networks and communities, as well as to facilitate the transfer of value between members of such communities, no matter how little the amount is. Kin currency, the Kin developers, and the Kin community/users all have the same goal: to monetize digital communities. 

Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

The Kin ecosystem has already been integrated into dozens of applications for both iOS and Android phones, making activities in such apps more engaging and rewarding since the community is now compensated. It is simple to transfer value from one user to another. 

Kinny and Nearby in the Communication and Social area, Speed Genius and PeerBet in the gaming category for iOS devices, PauseFor in the Health and Fitness category, and the popular Madlipz in the News and Entertainment category for iOS are just a few examples of these applications. Kinit, Drump Dance, City Routes, Castle Rush AR, Uwe, Kimeo, KinFit, King VPN, Wicrypt, Syngli, Facts around the world, and other Android-compatible applications include Kinit, Drump Dance, City Routes, Castle Rush AR, Uwe, Kimeo, KinFit, King VPN, Wicrypt, Syngli, Facts around the globe, and others. 

In a nutshell, the Kin currency crypto network/community is designed to be an ecosystem of apps that utilize Kin coin as a means of exchange for its users. Right now, I’m sure you’re wondering where you can get Kin coins.

The Kin project was originally released as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Kik developers revealed their plans to switch Kin tokens to the Stellar blockchain ecosystem in collaboration with Changelly after the ICO and a few more improvements and enhancements. 

Other collaborations that the Kin project has had include one with Shopify as one of its payment methods, and another with Freewallet as their official wallet for storing Kin tokens during and after the exchange.

Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

What Is The Kin Blockchain And How Does It Work?

Kin is not a currency in the traditional sense of the term, since it is not a native digital asset on the Kin blockchain. Kin, unlike other cryptocurrency initiatives, is a standalone application environment built on the basis of two separate blockchain ecosystems. Kin was created with the goal of monetizing the digital world by assigning value to things that have no obvious inherent fiat value, such as abstract digital goods and services, memes, themes, stickers, game characters, armory or weapons, and other unlockables in its various applications, among other things. Wait for it, I know you still want to know where to purchase Kin coins. 

Kin is a decentralized money in an environment of centralized applications owned by different developers. Kik Tech does not just utilize Kin for their apps (they are simply the project’s control button), Kin is a decentralized currency in an ecosystem of centralized apps owned by other developers. 

How to Make Money with Kin

One may earn Kin through participating in the Kin ecosystem’s different applications and being rewarded for value creation. Kin inflates via value creation and pays app developers in the ecosystem that constantly build new experiences and features in their applications to boost engagement and transaction volume in Kin through user-to-user contact with its KRE – Kin Rewards Engine. This KRE distributes a set amount of Kin each day to each app in the Kin ecosystem, proportionally based on the transaction volume and engagements they may produce that day. 

Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

So, much like Steem, Streamit, BAT, and other cryptocurrencies, you can simply earn Kin by installing a few of the Kin ecosystem’s applications that you’re interested in and engaging with other Kin users. 

Remember how I said earlier that Kin began as an ERC20 token inside the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, where it leverages its unique characteristics of high liquidity, top-notch security, and decentralization? Kin also created a fork of the stellar blockchain that is scalable, quick, and fee-free. As a result, I believe Kin is based on its ecosystem, which includes the Kik environment as well as the stellar and Ethereum ecosystems. You’re still looking for a place to purchase Kin Coins, right? Of course you do, I’m sure! 

Is Kin Coin a Scam?

From a stakeholder perspective, the Kin project is one of the few initiatives of its type with fewer accusing fingers. Kik held an ICO – Initial Coin Offering – to the general public in 2017, ostensibly claiming that it was a type of digital asset investment, and raised USD 100 million in seconds, making it one of the biggest and quickest ICO sales ever. The trouble began when the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, of the United States sued the Kik Corporation for executing the $100 million ICO without first registering it with them in accordance with SEC investment rules, deeming it unlawful. Is the Kik project – Kin, however, a fraud project only because of this? I’ll take your estimate as good as mine. 

Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

Following the SEC’s complaint, Kik Interactive Inc. filed for a trial, while the SEC argued that the issue could and should be addressed via a dispositive motion. While the business is aiming for a May 2020 trial, the SEC has pushed for a later date, which has resulted in trial case delays and potential costs to the Kik project team.

Since the lawsuit started, the Kik business has been complaining about severe financial constraints, leading to the sale of its original Kik messaging network and a decision to concentrate exclusively on its cryptocurrency environment. 

Kin Coin is now available on exchanges.

Kin gained traction after its ICO and has since been listed on a number of exchanges, including Bancor Network, HitBTC, FatBTC, Lykke, and IDEX. To purchase Kin currency, you must first get some Ethereum. If you don’t want to leave your Kin in the exchange wallets, you’ll need an Ethereum-enabled wallet like MyEtherWallet, Imtoken, or Trust Wallet. 

Where To Buy Kin Coin (KIN) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

Kin Coin alternatives

Alternative or comparable crypto tokens or currencies to the Kin include Zel (ZEL), SDChain (SDA), Counterparty (XCP), Stream it Coin (STREAM), Steem Tokens, and Ondori (based on kind, use case, features, and quirks) (RSTR). 


Kin is a one-of-a-kind initiative in the crypto world right now. If given the opportunity to work/walk through all of their plans effectively, Kik Interactive Inc. is likely to create a Kin token/coin with an excellent and clear use case by the end of the year, with value and recognition in the crypto world well beyond our present thoughts.

You may always visit their website or join their community telegram group to discover more about the Kin currency, the Kik project, where to purchase a kin coin, or how to earn them. 

The where to buy kin reddit is a guide that will help you buy Kin Coin (KIN) from the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase kin coin?

Kin Coin can be purchased on the Kin website.

How do I buy and store kin?

Kin can be purchased on the app store and stored in your account.

What Exchange sells kin?

Kin is a cryptocurrency that is used in the Kik app.

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